Hi, I'm Gena. This is my website.

When I was seven years old, I created a newspaper called The Daily Tomato. I have no idea why I called it that, other than I thought the word "tomato" was incredibly funny at the time. I left it where my father had breakfast, on top of a copy of the Atlantic City Press, our hometown newspaper. Dad found it quite amusing, particularly my weather report, which stated that the weekend forecast was "cloudy with a 75% chance of poop."

I’ve wanted to do nothing else but write my entire life (other than brief stints at wanting to be a teacher, and, implausibly, a lawyer). What I haven’t wanted to do, until just recently, is really put myself out there for other people to see. As an example of how challenging it is, I’ve spent the better part of a year sweating over how to get this “about” page, which you almost certainly clicked on by accident, just right. They say “let your work speak for itself.” They also say “never stop selling yourself.” This is all very confusing and extremely intimidating.

I’m one half of Kill by Kill, a podcast featured at The A.V. Club (and yes, as a matter of fact, that is one of the most exciting things that’s ever happened to me, thank you for asking). I'm a writer and associate editor for The Spool, and I’ve appeared in Kevin Geeks Out (you’re right, that is another one of the most exciting things that’s ever happened to me, how do you know all this??). Raised in Jersey Devil country, with absolutely no academic credentials to speak of (other than dropping out of the same college as Patti Smith), I currently live in Brooklyn. No, not that neighborhood. Nope, not that one either. Uh-uh. Keep guessing. You’ll never guess.