Kill by Kill


"Features a wry sense of humor..."--the A.V. Club 

When you think of slasher movies, surely you think of the richly developed, memorable characters, who leave an indelible impression on the audience, none of whom are impatiently waiting for them to be killed off in a variety of interesting manners.

Thankfully, that plaintive cry of "But what about the characters?" has been answered. Along with show biz professional Patrick Hamilton, I host Kill by Kill, a bi-weekly podcast in which we discuss slasher films according to the characters, giving them the recognition (and occasional dragging) they deserve. We've welcomed such rising podcast stars as the hosts of Teen Creeps, and we even got a write-up in the A.V. Club's Podmass column, which hopefully won't be the only highlight of my podcasting career, but is so far.

But don't take my word for it! See what our listeners have to say...

"A fun, smart take on the genre!"
"It's just an awesome show!"
"This podcast leaves me laughing every time!"
"I enjoy their colorful commentary."

Wouldn't you like to enjoy our colorful commentary too? What are you waiting for?